Mira Gerard

I make paintings of the figure as a way to understand desire, which functions in my work in part as a fantasy about being both subject and maker. Throughout my childhood, I modeled for my father's paintings and photographs. Perhaps a result of this, in my early years of art school I initially made self portraits, and only later took on the difficult task of imagining the figure from a different viewpoint. 

Over the last nine years, my paintings have been informed by my experiences in Lacanian psychoanalysis.  It is a practice of speaking freely without preconception, and is in many ways similar to painting, where I imagine, take apart, and piece together images based on sources ranging from film stills to personal memories.  Psychoanalytic discourse and painting both allow for impulses, slips, and interventions of the unconscious to emerge and interrupt the picture or story being conveyed. The resulting surface, much like a landscape or a body over time, is like a map of layered scars of accumulated paint.